Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

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Ordering was easy. We received the product within a couple days and so far we love the product.


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Received my Max Tiles in great shape the other day. I?m updating my basement in sections and had to try 1 tile in one corner of the finished area. It looks great! Now to get some time to finish that area.


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I worked with Beth at Great Mats after finding their product (raised waterproof floor tiles) online. Beth was fantastic to work with. I called numerous times, and Beth was patient, informative, and very helpful as I explained my situation and goals. We were looking for a flooring that would allow moisture and air to flow underneath even though we have a very dry basement. We just had the floor tiles installed in our basement. These tiles look amazing on the floor - really make a difference even though we have an unfinished basement. I would highly recommend Great Mats and these tiles!! And I can't thank Beth enough for all her help!



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I find the people at Greatmats very friendly and business like to help in ordering and in solving problems if they come up. They also provide excellent video material to help you with installation. Great Supplier to us at Cypresswood Golf & Country Club, Winter Haven, FL.

Ernest H

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Great product and durable.


Franklin, IN

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Very happy with quality of this product. However, installation was not quite as easily done as shown on video.



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I got the dance floor installed yesterday, and I was thrilled with the result!! It really looks beautiful and is working exactly as I intended for it to work. I got it to make a hard surface for a person in a wheel chair to be able to push herself on that instead of on the carpet. The hoyer lift works well on it too--and greatly reduces the difficulty of putting her to bed. I was wondering if the different tiles would have a bump between them, but it is completely smooth and looks as if it were built that way on the sub-flooring instead of being installed on top of carpet. I was also very happy with the smooth transition that was provided from the carpet to the dance floor surface. I am very happy with the result and would buy it again if I were to need more.

Jessica Gow-Lee

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Exceptional quality. Great customer service.

Bonnie Reider

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This product was better than advertised. fit was very tight with no gaps or lips between tiles. Surface is good and looks good. Will see what happens when we use it as an outdoor dance floor at events. So far, it has been excellent.

Elegant Dancing

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Excellent service!

Pure International Pageants

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The service and products are top drawer. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this product.

Ed B

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Quality product, great price and lightening fast delivery. Would buy from them again and probably will.

JoAyn Dana

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very easy to install and looks this product...ripped out all carpet and replaced with this.....looks amazing and easy to clean


New Bern, NC

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Durable Looking sample that I received



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Nice product and I am pretty happy with it. The finished product has a bit of an institutional look & feel to it. I used it as the flooring for a yoga room for my wife and it worked out well. Did have some issues in shipping. A few tiles had broken tabs and one had a blemish on the surface. I contacted customer service and sent over pictures. They agreed to replace the damaged tiles and then I found a few more with broken tabs. Notified customer service of the additional problems, but never heard back. I didn't push the issue since I could get the flooring to work even with the imperfections. Just felt like the customer service wasn't as engaged as they should have been to make sure everything was right. I'd give the product 4 stars and customer service 2 stars.


Waynesville, OH

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Pricing was competitive and product was exactly as we expected. Shipping was fast and order was packaged well.


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Great product - even with problem basement We found these online and decided to try them out for our basement that has 2 problems. First - our basement leaks after really hard rains. As a result - couple times each year we get water in a few areas. From the look of the design of the bottom of the tiles I am hopeful that the water will run underneath and have room to dry out. Time will tell on that. It has to be better than the removable carpet tiles we have had down for the last 10 years and have carried in and out of the basement to dry out in the driveway when they got wet. We also have a floor that is very uneven in areas. Since the tiles click together - i did not know if they would work. What we did was go in steps and started out by ordering 3 tiles to see if it looked like it would work at all. When it seemed like they would stay together and work in the uneven areas - we bought 25 more tiles and put a section together and slid it over the problem spot to do a further test to see if we thought it would work. After we were satisfied that we would be able to make it work - we bought the rest of the tiles for the room. We were really surprised how well they stay together even where the floor had a pretty big dip in one area. Dont get me wrong - you can see where the floor is uneven and when you step on it there is a clicking sound that others have commented on - but lets be honest - this stuff is perfect for less than perfect applications. We do have some clicking sound when we walk in certain areas - but where the floor is flat - there is almost none.. If we did not have the water issue we could have put a liner down under it and that would have probably eliminated any noise.


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Very good! everybody admires this floor.


Occidental, CA

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I have received a sample tile, and I think is the best out of the four other samples from other companies. This one is much better, because the reverse side is smooth and does not damage the carpet. I am preparing to place an order for 180 tiles. Joan - the salesrep - is very helpful and always ready to answer my questions and make suggestions. Thanks a lot.



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Very good experience

Birgit Wolz