Customer Reviews for: Horse Stall Mats 12x12 Ft Kit

Customer Rating:


Great product. Very easy to install

Heidi Trebour

Customer Rating:


Great mats, easy to install. My horses love them!


Martinsville, VA

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Great product and an excellent sales crew.

Brett Cogburn

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We are so happy with the horse stall mats!! The lock together feature keeps them together in place!!


Customer Rating:


I was pleased with the product and the simple ordering.

Edward Jordan Lanham

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We had to do a little more trimming than normal, but a great product.

Edward Jordan

Brooks, GA

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The product is outstanding, very easy to use. Shipping was estimated to be 3 weeks but came a week early..Delivery did not go so go, I asked and told the customer rep I need the product on 3 pallets to to the weight my tractor can lift, well it came on one pallet therefore held up the delivery company because we had to split the mats up on two more pallets before removing from their truck. Overall I would highly recommend the horse stall mats .

J Gustus

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The salesman was great responding to my questions and subsequent calls, returning calls to me timely. Very professional. Love the mats. Anyone who has horses should have their stalls covered in these mats!

Steve Wilson

Customer Rating:


Mats shipped quickly. They fit together tightly. Seem to be high quality material


Whiteland, IN

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We ordered these mats after searching online for quite awhile, and decided that these mats were more of what we were looking for and also were an affordable price. We needed these mats for 2 more stalls that needed mats on hard pack dirt floors in a 36' X 36' modular barn that we purchased used, dismantled, loaded on a trailer and put it up, with the help of our contractor. The mats really help keep the dust down. The thickness is just right and are not so heavy to move as there are 6 pieces to make a 12' X 12' stall, they go together like puzzle pieces. They have been down now for about 2 months and no problems with them at all. I really am satisfied with them and would buy more if I needed any again.


Beaver, UT

Customer Rating:


tried them all. by far, these are the best!

Robert S


Customer Rating:


greatmats are truely "great mats"! they are head and shoulders above what i have used for the past 10 years. fewer shavings used should pay for each stall within the year.

Robert S