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Portable/Temporary Roadway & Landscape Protection Mats

Find the largest selection of available. Greatmats offers temporary roadway mats for sale in a large variety of sizes, colors and surface textures. Ideal for creating portable roadways and protecting landscaping during heavy machinery access, these mats are designed with durability, top performance, and ease of installation in mind.

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Temporary plastic road mats, Portable roadway composite mat, Roadway temporary mats

Find the largest selection of available. Greatmats offers temporary roadway mats for sale in a large variety of sizes, colors and surface textures. Ideal for creating portable roadways and protecting landscaping during heavy machinery access, these mats are designed with durability, top performance, and ease of installation in mind.

Benefits of Portable Roadway Mats

Greatmats offers a variety of temporary road mats for sale which provide the following benefits:

  1. Protect grass and landscaping during excavation, and save the money you would have to invest in additional landscaping and repairs
  2. Allow your heavy equipment to access anything, even when you're working with wet ground and less than ideal situations
  3. Create temporary roads over a variety of surfaces that would otherwise bog down a truck, such as sand, gravel, mud, and dirt
  4. Work in muddy areas without worrying about your machinery getting stuck
  5. Maximize traction for easy maneuverability of heavy machinery
  6. Enjoy high-performance mats that won't splinter, warp, get water logged, or break down like plywood roads will
  7. Reuse your portable roadway time and time again, maximizing your investment and maintaining your business' professional appearance

Affordable and designed to last, there's no downside to investing in temporary road mats for your business.

Potential Uses for a Temporary Portable Roadway

There are endless potential uses for a portable roadway. Consider these potential applications:

  1. Construction
  2. Utility companies
  3. Drilling
  4. Landscaping
  5. Structural movers
  6. Cemeteries
  7. Driveway protection
  8. Temporary walkway over grass
  9. And more

How To Determine The Right Portable Roadway Mats for Your Situation

  1. Calculate the number of times you might need to use the roadway mats per year.
  2. Determine the total weight of the equipment that the mats will need to support.
  3. Calculate the amount of time that you will need for the roadway installation.
  4. Determine the type of grade that the ground roadway mats will be installed over.
  5. Consider the types of tires on your equipment - some roadway mats are only suitable for use with rubber tires.

Top Reasons Why Temporary Roadway Mats Are Better Than Plywood

Sometimes, businesses think that using plywood as a temporary roadway will be faster, cheaper, and easier than investing in temporary road mats. Unfortunately, that's not the case, and only after you start in on your project will you discover that plywood is far inferior to portable roadway mats, which have been specifically designed for the task at hand.

Consider the following if you're thinking about using plywood instead of roadway mats:

  1. Plywood splinters - Under significant weight, and under repeated or regular use, plywood won't hold up. Your sheets will start to splinter, and you'll need to purchase new replacement materials, as well as spend the time installing the new plywood.
  2. Plywood gets waterlogged - When plywood is exposed to water for extended periods of time, it absorbs that water. This results in soggy, softened, waterlogged wood. It becomes slippery, and your machinery may start to slip on the plywood or slide right off of it.
  3. Plywood warps - With exposure to water and significant weight, plywood starts to warp. Your smooth road will be anything but, and will become more difficult to navigate.
  4. Plywood can move - In short, plywood isn't designed to create a temporary road that will see heavy machinery traffic. The wood can move and be dislodged, especially if placed over grass.
  5. Plywood can't be reused - With splintering, warping, and waterlogging issues, plywood can't be reused in future projects. You're investing in a product that you'll have to throw away at the end of each project - you're literally throwing money away.

If you want your project to go smoothly, and you want to preserve the integrity of the landscaping beneath your temporary roadway, then you must invest in temporary roadway mats. These mats connect together so they won't dislodge, and are specifically manufactured to be able to cope with the varying terrains and moisture issues associated with outdoor work.

Additionally, our mats have undergone meticulous testing and are rated to withstand the large amounts of weight that heavy machinery brings. There's no splintering or breaking to worry about; just install your roadway and use it without worry. Mats are an investment in a product that you can use again and again.

We've outlined a number of our most temporary road mats for sale to help you get started.

Ground Protection Mats 2x4 Feet

Our 1/2 inch thick recycled polyethylene portable roadway mats feature a bold cleat design that offers great traction. These durable mats can support loads of 120 tons, making them an excellent choice for most projects involving heavy equipment. The mats are available in a variety of lengths and widths, so you can customize the road to your project's needs.

These portable roadway mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links to create a continuous
roadway or platform in just minutes. They won't separate until you intentionally pull them apart, ensuring your project goes smoothly and there's no fussing with the roadway necessary.

If you're working over grass, consider purchasing these mats in the clear design. The clear mats allow UV penetration through them, so grass growth continues during the entire time that the mats are installed.

Looking for added convenience and savings? We offer a variety of Mat-Paks which include multiple mats and everything you need to create a portable roadway. It's an easier way to order, especially if you know the dimensions of the roadway that you'll need.

Mud-Traks Ground Protection Mats

Working in a muddy area? Our Mud-Traks Ground Protection Mats are an ideal solution for the most challenging work situations. These mats offer the most aggressive traction surface in the industry, with texture on both sides of the mat to prevent slipping and keep your project moving forward. Please note: These mats are for rubber tire/track vehicles only, and should not be used with steel tracks.

Mud-Traks feature grip holes for easy lifting, so they can be easily handled by men while in the field. They fit in the back of a pickup truck and will bend, but don't roll up or break.

These mats are designed to withstand the demands that you will encounter in the field. They are not affected by water, gas, oil, or chemicals. They do not conduct electricity, and can support vehicle weight up to 35,000 pounds. They're an excellent choice when you're working in demanding, difficult situations.

TrakMat Ground Cover Mat

Designed specifically for use with heavy vehicles, the TrakMat Ground Cover Mat has a load bearing weight of up to 160,000 pounds. The mats are manufactured from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene, and feature a rugged button top surface tread for an impressively good grip.

One of the major benefits of the TrakMat is that, due to its flexible construction, the mat molds to the ground for a secure, stable fit. The mats are unaffected by the heat or cold, and have hand holes for easy maneuvering and installation. Connector options are available to create a single road.

TuffTrax XT Extreme Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat

When your worksite demands incredibly strong mats that can hold up to rigorous use, TuffTrax XT Extreme Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats are an excellent solution. These mats feature an incredible weight load of 30,772 pounds per square foot. They are made of a High Molecular Weight (HMW) Polyethylene Plastic with 16 connection points, creating an ''extreme'' heavy duty matting solution.

These mats do not intake liquids, which reduces the threat of invasive species or cross contamination between sites. Choose from a range of connection methods to suit the particular terrain that you're working with. The buoyant design of these mats makes them suitable for all weather and ground conditions, especially wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas.

VersaMats Diamond Foot Mats

If you're looking for a versatile, multi-purpose mat, look no further than our VersaMats Diamond Foot Mats. These mats are made of a tough 1/2 inch thick recycled polyethylene. They are built to withstand 120-ton roads, but with two cleat designs, they are suitable for both walking and vehicle traffic.

These mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links or EZ Links, so you can build a temporary roadway or walkway in just minutes. They leave the turf smooth, even in soft soil conditions, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Ordering Your Temporary Roadway Mats

As you explore the many temporary road mats for sale, please feel free to give our flooring experts a call. We would be happy to provide you with product samples, to give you detailed shipping information, and to even help you find the mats that are perfect for your project.