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Max Tile Raised Floor Tile 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Interlocking Dance & Basement Wood Grain Max Tile Raised Flooring

  • Highest quality waterproof materials and tile design
  • Designed for permanent or repeat DIY installations
  • Excellent for commercial and home use
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$6.89/tile (You Save 36%)
Reg: $10.90/tile - $10.90/sqft
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  • Maple

  • Slate

  • Light Oak

  • Dark Oak

  • Walnut

  • Cherry

  • Light Gray
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About this item

Top Features for Max Tile Raised Floor Tile 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

  1. Highest quality waterproof materials and tile design
  2. Designed for permanent or repeat DIY installations
  3. Excellent for commercial and home use
  4. Realistic upscale wood grain designs
  5. Finished border system available
  6. Durable snap together tab and loop connectors
  7. UV Treated
  8. Made in the USA
Use Types

Basement Flooring, Portable Dance Floors, Court Floors, Garage Floor Tiles, Aerobic Flooring, Trade Shows, Show Room Floors

The Max Tile is really the very best and most durable portable dance floor surface on the market. The interlock basement snap together flooring tab design is the longest lasting. Our vinyl top is like no others in terms of wearability for commercial installs. Our Max Tile Raised Floor Tile 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft. are commercial grade suitable. From dancing to modular basement flooring, this multi-use tiling is an excellent choice for countless projects.

High Quality Raised Basement Flooring

Versus cheaply made carpet tile, this is waterproof and will not come apart due to dampness. It is truly the highest quality product on the market at a competitive price point. This modular floor tile can generally be installed over carpeting in commercial and many home installations. This installation is not guaranteed to work, as with some home carpeting, the padding and carpet thickness can vary. If the user is experiencing any issues when installing over carpet then the user may have to install some other flat surface under the tiles, such as plexiglass or plywood.

These are designed with excellent performance and durability in mind. This is equipped with a minimal maintenance 3 mm thick vinyl laminate top surface with outstanding manufacturing quality. It comes in a variety of designer textures, including wood grain and slate, for a beautiful collection. And it is designed so that it looks amazing, year after year.

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Product Questions:

Hi- I have a garage that was finished in - we installed carpet padding and carpet over the concrete. I am now looking to add something in there that will provide a better workout surface. Will this product work with a carpet backing? Also, I'm not going wall to wall - are there edge pieces to clean up the outer edges? I'm going to install roughly 50 square feet. Thank you
This product would work well for your application. And yes this tile has border edges available. Also our Staylock floor tile would work and has border edging.
I am going to use this product in a garage/hot tub room. will it be a good product to use in this area ?
Yes this could be ok, and the tiles are not water tight, so some water could get below the tiles, however the tile are raised and will allow air and water flow under the tiles. The tiles themselves are water proof.
I am considering installing this as a mat in my office for my office chair to roll on. But it would be installed over carpet. Will this product work on carpet rather than a hard concrete floor?
Yes you can install this product over carpeting, however this tile is not designed as a chair mat and may not hold up to the chair wheels over time.
How do you recommend ramping cut sides? Unfortunately my area is 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 and there are 3 sides with doorways so at least one of them will be on a cut side
If a ramp is required, then that tile can not be cut down.
Can I put my pool table on top of this flooring?
Yes this is fine. You may be interested in learning more about this type of usage in our Knowledge Base. This blog does address using Max Tiles for game room flooring as well as many other uses.
I'm looking to install a flooring for my daughter to practice ballet at an advanced amateur level. Will I need a subfloor? If a subfloor isn't needed, will this work on top of the carpet or do I remove the carpet & place it directly on the plywood underneath?
For ballet we recommend our marley flooring for a continuous surface for the dancer. Marley needs to be installed on a hard flat surface. We have modular plastic tiles that can be installed over your carpeting in order to then install the marley. Please contact customer service.
I have an old crt tv that weight 240 pounds would this flooring be able to hold this tv on a stand?
Yes this is fine
Is this a good flooring product for my basement floor that my son can practices dribbling his basketball? We want to make the floor look like a basketball court.
Yes this tile is good for bouncing a basketball, you can also place a thin rubber underlayment material under the tiles for cushion. You may find our Knowledge Base useful for more information on this subject. This blog covers building home and portable basketball courts using these tiles and other similar products.
We can get a steady trickle of flowing water through our basement in really heavy rains (once or twice a year or so). Will the edging let this trickle under or direct onto the top of the floor?
Yes the underside of this floor will allow water to flow underneath.
I want to use it for my bedroom , but i've read everything and it doesn't say anything about rooms. Does it work well with bedrooms?
Sure, this product can be installed in any room in the house, maybe kitchen and bathroom as the exception, as the tiles will allow water to go between the seams if something spills.
We are finishing a basement bedroom, and looking for floor options. Could these also be used as a subfloor to lay carpet on top of? We can't find any publicly available subflooring for basements that provides the water and air channel underneath, only the systems sold by specific vendors.
Yes this is one option for a raised subfloor in a basement, also our staylock orange peel tiles would work well, however they are softer than the max tiles for furniture.
Can this tile install over Super TUFF-R or Owens Corning FOAMULAR in basement?
Its possible, but its also likely the tiles will gouge into the foam, similar to if you used your finger to press on this type of foam board.
Should I put something under this if I am going to put it outside? What do you suggest I use underneath it, if anything?
Yes, the Portable Outdoor Floor Tile is the best option as a first layer for the Max Tile. http://www.greatmats.com/portable-floor/portable-flooring-tile-black.php
For a basement room, is it best to put the raised tile without anything underneath? So that if there is slight water seepage after a rain, it will dry faster? Also, if there is only a slight amount of moisture, is it necessary to pick up the tile and dry the cement? Or will it evaporate because of the raised floor?
If the basement might seep a little, then don't use any underlayment. As for when to remove the tiles if the floor gets wet, this is up to the homeowner and the amount of time the concrete floor may take to dry out. The tiles are not affected by moisture.
Can this be installed over hardwood? Will it affect the wood floors finish?
This tile can be installed over hardwood and will not affect the finish of the wood, it might indent the wood somewhat, that depends on the wood type.
We are looking at this product for our studio/gym. We will dance with shoes on and off. We also need flooring that will work with free weights. Will this product work for weights?
This floor tile is not suitable to drop weights on the tiles, as the top vinyl will crack.
How much weight can these tiles hold when installed?
These tiles have not been load tested.
My garage floor has old concrete that is not perfectly level. Can I still use this product, or do I need to level the floor first?
You can use this product depending, and its best to level the floor also.
I need to protect the new carpet in my rental home. Can I use the tile max over the carpet in my dining room under the table and chairs? I have two little kids and I am searching for a solution to keep the new carpet in my dining room clean Thank you
Yes this floor tile can be installed over carpeting and will work well.
Would these be ok for a basement bathroom? (I've installed your raised carpet squares in the rest of the basement.) Can I safely install a toilet on these? Will they connect with the carpet squares or will I need a transition?
No, do not install a toilet on top of these tiles or any other modular floor tile. You can put the tiles around the toilet after installation to the concrete floor.
We have a couple of dogs. We are wanting to do our basement floor in these but will the dogs nails easily scatch this surface? Also we have a very heavy desk and elliptical down there would that be ok to put on top of this floor.
As for the dogs, that depends on the type of dog, we have free samples. The tiles are durable for your desk and exercise equipment.
What is the weight capacity on theses. I need to put put multiple work benches and shelving in room. The shelves will have hundreds of pounds on them and the work benches are very heavy and one has a granite top. Will these break? If there is a better flooring option please let me know. The flooring is for the basement.
Perhaps put the shelving and the bench on the subfloor and then tile around them. These tiles are designed for human traffic and have not been load tested.
We have an enclosed 6 x 12 front porch that has become our 2 Lab-sized dog's preferred sleeping area. They have worn through the painted wood floor, and I'm wondering if these would hold up to their nails? Do you offer a better option? I need to cover a 6 x 4 area.
Although the Max Tiles are a durable and scratch resistant, they are not to be used in outdoor areas, even if it is a covered area. Please consider an outdoor tile like our Staylock Perforated: https://www.greatmats.com/tiles/decking-tiles-black.php?q=staylock+perf
We are going to be using this for our Trade Shows-about 3 a month. It will be installed over carpet most of the time, with lots of foot traffic and standing. Will this be durable enough for that?
The Max Tile can be used for repeat installation over carpet. These will be a durable trade show floor.
Would this product be suitable for a tap dance floor?
Yes. This tile is a great for tap.
I am wanting something like this in my playroom, I am debating between this and the MMA tiles. I have a lot of infant/toddlers and need something easily to clean and soft for the babies to crawl on. Which would you recommend?
The Max Tile is not a soft tile. It would be easy to clean, but not comfortable for crawling.
Please clarify how much weight these tiles can handle.
These tiles have not been tested for a specific weight restriction. We have had customers use these tiles for temporary installs where cars are parked for a short period. We do not recommend these tiles for vehicle traffic, however.
Can I install the flooring after the trim is already on the walls? And will the flooring expand?
There should be a 1/4'' expansion gap between the wall and tiles. They do have the ability to expand in heat and contract in cold.
My basement floor is not level and has slopes and raises. Also the sublayment has cracked and broke apart in areas. I have a couple of areas that are around 2'x2' that is lower than the rest of the flooring due to it raising and breaking of the underlayment(hydrostatic pressure)and is anywhere from .125 deep to around .250''. Will this make the product teeter or unstable? Suggestions?
We suggest leveling the concrete floor as much as possible before adding another flooring product over the top. For slight slopes and divots, these tiles will work just fine.
I own a fitness studio with this flooring. Previous owner used a buffing machine. What is the proper way to buff this flooring? and proper way to regularly clean this flooring? I have been very happy with the flooring.
You can use common household cleaner and floor cleaners on this tile.
Two questions. First, I want to use this in my room for a dance practice area. My carpet is an older shag carpet (think 80s carpet haha). Would this flooring be suitable for my carpet? Most of the pictures show denser carpeting similar to hotel floors. Secondly, what is the difference between this product and SKU# PDFT-MAX?
These tiles will work over a low pile carpeting. We do not recommend these tiles for directly being installed over shag carpeting.
Hi! I see that you market this product for use as a tap dance floor. Can this product be used on top of a hardwood floor as a movable tap floor? Would it slide over the wood as it was being used? Also, can it be easily disassembled and reassembled many times for easier storage between uses? Thank you!
These tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface. It does not slide when in use. You may disassemble and reassemble as needed.
Can this product be used outdoors in a screen house?
This is generally not advised. The tiles will expand in heat and sun exposure.
Do these vinyl slabs come in 153/4” by 153/4”?
Max tiles are only available in 12''x12'' squares.
I want a floor that I can do various workout programs on, including step aerobics and high intensity circuits. Would this floor work over carpeting? Would I need to add foam underlay for more support?
This will work over low pile, low pad carpeting. Keep in mind that the softer the carpet, the more difficult it may be to connect the tiles over. We highly recommend placing a sheet of plywood under the area where you are connecting tiles to provide a firm surface for popping the tab connector into the loop connector on the tiles. The plywood can be moved around as you install and then removed once finished. A foam underlay is not necessary.
Are these tiles easy to cut to fit the space?
Yes. They are easy to cut using a power saw.
I am looking to use these tiles for high impact workouts. I need a good shock absorbing, energy return type of flooring. Is this a good one for this?
Max Tiles don't provide much in the way of shock absorption. Maybe consider StayLock Orange Peel, Staylock Bump Top or even Sport Plus foam.
I want to use this in my garage as a dance floor.. for an event .. will this work? Does it require a lot of assembly? To put down and take up ... do the pieces snap together ?
Yes. This would work very well for that. Each tile is 1x1 foot, so depending on how large of an area you are installing, it may take some time, but the tiles snap together easily over concrete and disassemble even easier!
I have a 5th wheel patio hauler, I am wanting to use this in the patio area. Will this insulate the floor? I was wanting to just lay it over the carpet for extra warmth.
The tiles will not create any heat per say, nor will they reduce the transfer of heat, they do not have any insulative value.
Are these tiles suitable for indoor roller skating practice for a single person?
We do not recommend roller skating on this product.
Does floor have to be level flat? i thing us in basement bathroom that has drain. It will work me
The floor will install over slight imperfections and slopes but should not be installed where significant height variations are present. If in question, please call.
Can this go over floor drain try design what can do basement bathroom floor that has floor 2 drain
Yes. This can be installed over floor drains.
I need to leave an area open to allow for door swing. I see you have max tile corners. What about an inside corner? Would I just trim the border ramp in this case?
Yes, you are correct. Border ramps should be trimmed to finish inside corners.
Hello, I have low level carpeting, kind of dated. How would I install this over carpet?
This product can generally be installed over carpeting in commercial and many home installations. This installation is not guaranteed to work, as with some carpet, the padding and carpet thickness can vary. If the user is experiencing any issues when installing over carpet then the user may have to install some other flat surface under the tiles, such as plexiglass or plywood.
Is this product good to place over my tile floors for roller skating?
We have not tested this product for that purpose.
Building a hot yoga studio-Will this flooring withstand high temps up to 105° plus and high humidity up to 60% plus?
We would not recommend this particular product for that application. Our LonWood Performa flooring is able to withstand those temperatures and humidity levels.
I am looking to build a 7 ft. by 7 ft. floor for basketball dribbling drills in my basement. What is the best product option. I would like an economical option but do want the tile or flooring to damage easily.
We have a few great options for this. All of which are 1x1 foot interlocking tiles and would benefit from having a layer of rubber underlayment beneath them (to help with noise and provide fatigue relief). - Court Floor Tile Flat Top (lowest cost) - Max Tile Raised Floor Tile (multipurpose) - Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro (best wear layer) - Outdoor Court Tile XT3(best for flood prone basements)
Can this be used over carpet?
Yes. This can be used over carpet. The lower pile and padding the better. It is very helpful to temporarily place something solid (such as plywood) under the seams as you connect them together to provide stability during the connection process as the squishiness of carpet can make installation challenging.
I have 222 sq feet of basement floor to cover. How many tiles should I order including overage? Also, Can I cut these tiles in order to fit my exact space and if so what do you recommend using?
Each tile covers 1 square foot. So you would need 222 tiles to cover 222 square feet. Yes. These tiles can be cut to fit. Generally a power saw works best - such as a jigsaw.
Hello, I’m looking for tiles in maple. Do you have any in stock?
Yes. Maple is a stocked option.
Are Max tiles rated for outdoor use
Max Tiles are UV treated and waterproof, making them ok for temporary outdoor use. They are not designed for permanent outdoor installations.
do i need a subfloor
A subfloor is not required, but it could help reduce noise and add comfort.
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Vinyl on Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 5/8 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 2.10 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 20
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 85
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Wood grain, stone or slate
Installation Method Snap together, dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
Max Tile Border Ramp
Weight: 0.16 lbs
Max Tile Corner
Weight: 0.03 lbs

Customer Rating:

Great customer service! The tiles are very durable and easy to install. Ordering over the phone was quick and easy. I ordered on a Monday and the tiles were delivered by Friday.

Customer Rating:

We tiled most of our basement floor sometime ago and more recently had to order some extras to finish the job. We also had the concrete wall painted and had to move heavy `stuff' around to make room for the painter. The tiles held up remarkably well with no scratches. They are really tough. I would recommend them highly.
BUT I put them together using a rubber mallet despite the recommendation of Greatmats to not do it this way.

Customer Rating:

If you like Ballroom Dancing, think about installing a Greatmats Dance Floor! It’s easy to snap together for a DIYer. More importantly it easy to Dance on and improve your skills or just have fun dancing with you partner.

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