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Top Hot Tub Flooring Options - Plastic, Rubber and Foam

What to Look for In Hot Tub Room Flooring

For those who do not have a hot tub, the idea of owning one seems pretty blissful. Those who do actually own a hot tub know how much work it takes to maintain. An important part of that maintenance is battling the risks that come with standing water. Even if you're careful, nearly a gallon of water gets out of a hot tub every time you do. The same warm water that is there to soothe and relax you can end up being quite harmful.

Because it is impossible for all hot tub water to stay in the tub where it belongs, you might as well be prepared for it. When water escapes the hot tub and stands, there a couple hazards of which you should be aware.

Hot Tub Room Risks

The most dangerous aspect of all that water comes from mold and mildew. Water does not evaporate as easily inside, especially in humid climates, and standing water can harvest harmful bacteria. Users often use substances like chlorine to combat bacteria. However, although it works inside the tub, chlorine is not a preventive method for bacteria buildup outside of a jacuzzi. If you're not careful, your hot tub room could end up growing damaging mold that can cause sickness with exposure.

The other obvious risk is that of gravity-related accidents. Puddles of water make hot tub rooms an accident-prone space - standing puddles of water make it all too easy for slips and falls to occur. Thus, it's important to have a space that remains safe even when wet.

Flooring Makes a Difference

Flooring can make all the difference in designing a safe and reliable hot tub room. You need flooring that can provide you with ways to combat issues like mold, mildew and water pooling. Luckily, it does not take a whole lot of effort to find a flooring product specifically designed for hot tub rooms and moist areas. There are a ton of awesome options there. Each one will feature the following characteristics.

Waterproof Materials

First of all, it's important to use flooring made from water-resistant materials. Waterproof flooring won't harvest bacteria in the same way materials such as carpet and wood can. One great example of a water-safe flooring material is PVC, which is commonly used around hot tubs and pools. PVC won't absorb water and dries quickly. A wide variety of PVC waterproof flooring exists. At Greatmats, you can find PVC tiles in almost any color and a plethora of styles.


Next, you'll want slip-resistant flooring for your hot tub room. In order to protect yourself and your guests from falling, it's important to utilize flooring that maintains traction even when it's wet. Materials and surface design define the slip resistance in a floor. Textured surface designs such as diamond patterns or bumps help provide extra traction. PVC is again a great example of a naturally slip-resistant material.


Easy drainage is another smart waterproof flooring feature. There are many tile options, such as perforated tiles, that allow water to drain through the surface of the tile so water never pools up on top.

Raised tiles

That being said, it is extremely important to also beware of the way water gathers beneath flooring. Standing water underneath flooring can be even trickier than pools of water on top of the flooring because it remains hidden and takes far longer for air to reach it. That is where raised tiles come in. Raised tiles are a great way to combat water resting underneath the flooring and harboring mold where you can't see it. Air-flow and ventilation are important in a hot tub room, and the flooring is no exception. Raised tiles allow air to access the underside of your waterproof flooring, which helps keep the floor dry. Plus, with raised tiles, there is no need to lift flooring in order to dry it, which decreases maintenance.


If a slip does happen, you don't want it to happen on concrete or anything that feels like it. That's why you'll want slip-resistant flooring with shock absorption, so the impact of a fall isn't so hard-hitting. Plus, it is generally nice to have something soft, warm and inviting for bare feet. If the cushion is a top priority, flooring experts at Gym Rubber by Greatmats recommend self-adhesive foam tiles, which provide maximum comfort underfoot.

But I Want My Hot Tub Room to Look Awesome

Obviously, the aesthetics of the waterproof flooring you choose won't protect from safety issues, but it's a factor for some of us anyway. Of course, you want your hot tub room to look as wonderful as your hot tub feels. Fortunately, there is no need to sacrifice looks for function. There are plenty of slip-resistant flooring options that can provide you with every beneficial flooring feature and still look awesome. Gym Rubber by Greatmats waterproof flooring comes in tons of different colors and designs, so you don't have to trade in safety for beauty.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with some of the potential risks found in a hot tub room, you will be more prepared to plan its creation or renovation. With water-safe flooring, it does not take too much thought or time to combat the negatives that come with the fact a lot of water will undoubtedly escape your hot tub and end up on the floor. Use what you now know to choose the perfect hot tub room flooring. You already well on your way to maintaining a safe and risk-free hot tub room with a look you'll love.
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