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The Underestimated: Cushioned Bathroom Flooring

Soft, Waterproof Floors Can Add Comfort to Bathrooms without Sacrificing Style

By Julia Nass

When you think of a room in your home that you associate most with comfort, you are likely thinking about bedrooms or living rooms, maybe even the back porch. What you probably don't consider is the bathroom. It's just not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you're talking luxury, coziness or solace. Perhaps it's time to reconsider.

Many people aren't aware of how much time they actually spend in the bathroom. Showering, applying makeup, shaving, brushing teeth, visiting the porcelain throne, all those bathroom time activities really do add up. You might not realize it, but bathrooms are actually one of the most frequented rooms in homes. All that time spent in the bathroom means it deserves as much comfort and care as any other room.

If you find your bathroom isn't quite as inviting as you'd like it to be, or if you are designing one from scratch, the right flooring can do wonders. Flooring is a significant enough part of the room that it helps define the entire feel. Not only are aesthetics and comfort important, but bathroom flooring needs to be able to withstand heat, moisture and foot traffic. Without the proper protection, flooring in moisture-exposed areas is at high risk of becoming damaged, warped or covered in mold and mildew.

Choosing a bathroom floor that is both comfortable and high-performing can be tricky. Many products forego quality for looks, or looks for comfort, or any combination of factors. There are products out there that provide it all, however. Greatmats offers bathroom floors that are soft, cushiony, and dependable. Let's take a closer look at some of those options.

Slip Resistant Foam Tiles

Life Floor tiles for wet areas are one of the softest and safest bathroom flooring solutions. The tile is made with a blend of rubber and foam and is installed with a self-adhesive. The foam rubber blend provides plenty of cushion and slip-resistance. Tiles are completely waterproof, antibacterial and antifungal, which is extremely important in wet environments.

Life Floor tiles come in a multitude of styles and designs, including slate. With Life Floor slate tiles, you can achieve the beauty of stone without the hard, cold slippery surface. Instead, your feet will stay warm, happy, and right where you put them. These soft bathroom tiles even have an ATSM fall height rating of 1 foot, which proves good cushion and safety. Life Floor tiles also come in ripple textures for extra traction and a wide variety of colors.

Life Floor tiles can be installed with a simple peel and stick process or glued down. The adhesives are strong and long-lasting, so even with long-term exposure to moisture, tiles will not shift around. You can clean these tiles with a damp mop and household cleaners or a powerwash.

Life Floor tiles are specifically designed to last a long time in wet areas, while other foam tiles aren't designed for bathrooms.

Interlocking Foam Tiles

Although many foam tiles aren't necessarily designed for bathroom use, there are others that will also work in a bathroom. Interlocking EVA foam tiles, for example, are waterproof and would work fine in a bathroom.

At Greatmats, interlocking foam tiles come in a ton of different colors and even come in a wood-grain design. If you do decide to go with an interlocking foam tile, make sure you acclimate the tile to the room before installing, as these tiles can expand with heat and humidity.

Soft PVC tiles

Soft, flexible perforated tiles made from PVC are another good-looking, safe and comfortable bathroom floor choice. For example, SoftFlex Floor Tiles from Greatmats are made of high-quality PVC that allows water to drain through the tile. Thus, water will not build up into hazardous puddles. These soft bathroom tiles are anti-fatigue and provide slip-resistance even when wet.

With an easy hook-and-loop fastening system, installing SoftFlex Floor Tiles is as simple as a snap. SoftFlex Floor Tiles come in several different colors, from warm grey to ocean blue. You can even mix and match colors to create any pattern or design you want. PVC Tiles are super easy to clean with a damp mop and a household cleaner (avoid bleach).

There are many reasons to install a cushioned bathroom floor. Cushion provides next-level comfort to a room you spend a significant amount of time in. Further, cushion provides extra safety and comfort in a room where slipping and falling is not uncommon. Soft bathroom floors are a smart idea for the whole family, but particularly for those who are more accident prone. At Greatmats, a cushioned floor doesn't mean giving up on style or quality.

You can have it all.
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